If you are currently employed by or are in the process of becoming employed by the Department of Transportation, there is some testing or physicals required to make sure that you are healthy enough to perform your job. Federal law will require commercial vehicle operators to have regular physical examinations to make sure their health would not pose a danger to themselves or the public while on the job.

What is Department of Transportation Physicals?

DOT physicals are intended to determine an employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health and welfare. This is done to identify any issues that may be impacting an employee’s ability to safely perform their transportation job for long hours while protecting the safety of others.

What Can I Expect from the Physical?

A DOT examination will consist of an evaluation of a vision test, hearing test, blood pressure, heart rate, and overall physical health. This physical will also be done to screen your body for the existence of any illegal drugs. At this time, if you are prescribed any controlled substances it is recommended that you bring a note from your doctor or proof of prescription. You wear glasses or contact lenses, you’ll want to bring those with you at the time of the examination.

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